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Data Recovery

A Full Site Technology Professional will work to recover the data that has been deleted or corrupted on a hard drive or other storage devices. If we are not able to recover your data then you don't pay!  The best way to avoid data loss is to backup your computer, it will save you time and money

After recovering your data, we can assist in setting up a backup method for your most important files. Please check our Backup and Storage section or give us a call for more information.

We specialize in the following scenarios:

Deleted Files

Turn off the computer or device and contact us as soon as possible. We can recover all of your deleted files, even the files deleted from the Recycle bin can be recovered. We will recover your document, spreadsheets, music, photos or videos, we will recover your files.

Accidentally Formatted Hard Drives

When you accidentally format a hard drive we can recover most, if not all, of the data that was lost.  It is important to stop the formatting immediately  and contact Full Site Technology for assistance.

Damaged - Failed or Unrecognized Hard Drives 

Most hard drives can be recovered however, there are losses that will require a clean room to repair and recover your data.  Please contact Full Site Technology and we will help you to determine what type hard drive loss occurred. 

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