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Disaster Recovery

  • A Disaster Recovery Plan is like an insurance policy;  you don't think about it until you need it

  • If you are not prepared a computer disaster can be crippling

  • A computer disaster can be: cyber attacks, failed hardware, mass deletion or a natural disaster ie fire, flood, power surge etc...

Full Site Technology will implement a tailored and affordable disaster recovery plan that will help businesses and home-users to get back online quickly.  A Disaster Recovery Plan will give you peace of mind now, save you money and eliminate headaches if a disaster strikes.

Develop Strategy
Start outlining the recovery strategies necessary to reach your objectives, considering the people, facilities, technology, data, and other systems you’ll need. Computer Weekly suggests charting your needs as well as your prevention, response, and recovery strategies.

Chart courtesy of Computer Weekly

Outline Procedures
Now it’s time to delineate the steps that will need to be executed. For each threat and critical system, document the action steps required. Who will do what, and when? Consider both the immediate response and the longer-time-frame recovery.

Chart courtesy of Computer Weekly

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