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Virus and Malware Removal and Prevention

A virus or malware infection can cause numerous problems on your PC. This can include anything from a slow computer to having your personal information stolen. A virus infection can manifest in many different ways. You may have numerous pop-ups or notice unfamiliar programs. Your files may be missing or you may notice that your PC isn’t performing like it should. To find and remove viruses, we will scan your computer for active malware, PC errors and viruses. We can do this remotely, or we can have a technician meet you at your home or office to remove all forms of viruses that are interfering with your computers performance.  There is no additional cost for our onsite support. 

Symptoms that your PC is likely infected:

  • Annoying pop-up ads that drive you insane.

  • Email filled with spam from people you have never done business with.

  • Internet browser keeps launching websites that your not visiting on your own.

  • Your computer has slowed down to a crawl.

  • Your system freezes up requiring multiple reboots just to get any work done.

  • Continuous virus warnings.

  • Emails keep getting returned.

  • Unknown Icons in your system tray.

  • Offline symptoms may also include keyloggers which capture usernames and passwords.


Infection Prevention

  • Keep your virus protection software active and up to date

  • Turn on your OS automatic updates

  • Do not click on unknown links, emails or attachments

  • Run a malware check once a month

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